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A classic simulation game for Windows PCs

SimCity is a classic Windows game. The latest version of the strategy game comes with fresh graphics and gameplay options. 

In this adventure ride, you’re the Mayor of a city. It’s in your power to develop residential areas, set up industries, and provide residents with everything required to build a thriving city. If you have fun playing this one, you should also explore other chapters in the saga, including SimCity Societies.

Build your own virtual cities from scratch

SimCity was first released in 1988. Since then, developers have introduced multiple versions of the game. In every title, you choose a location, plan different aspects of governance, and start building a metropolis in the United States from scratch. The game gives you enough amenities and utilities to keep the population thriving, healthy, and satisfied.

How to play SimCity?

SimCity download comes with an excellent interface. The game gives you complete control over various aspects of building structures. You can start with your imagination, and strategically use amenities to set up happy communities. The game pays much attention to detail, so you can make every city come alive.

It’s easy to play the strategy game on your Windows PC. As the Mayor, you need to be compassionate and understand the different aspects of living in a settlement. Since the inhabitants need buildings, water, and power, you need to come up with long-term plans.

As the game progresses, the needs of the entire population expand to other areas, including healthcare, education, recreational activities, protection from crime, and more. While choosing the right areas for development and setting up multiple industries in the region, gamers need to balance a tight budget.

The game also requires you to focus on problems like dust, pollution, water shortage, blight, outdated businesses, etc. Overall, while ensuring organic city growth, SimCity lets you have an amazing experience of building everything from scratch. At times, you may even face protests and reactions from citizens.

Unlike Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and other Windows apps in this genre, SimCity download takes a different approach to the multiplayer mode. Instead of fighting to take over empires, you need to collaborate with other leaders. There are plenty of joint investment projects that can benefit multiple cities in the game.

SimCity uses a chat mechanism, where people living in the settlement can voice their opinions. This is one of the biggest improvements in the latest version of the game. 

Unfortunately, the game still focuses on setting tight boundaries for cities, which can make some players feel claustrophobic. It’s the same reason why SimCity feels repetitive in single-player mode after a while.

What about the graphics and audio?

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to find any serious faults in the graphics. SimCity looks appealing and lets you add various elements with new filters and effects

When you zoom in, you can notice the detailed animation and construction. In fact, every resident in the city comes with a unique personality. The strategy game is equipped with ambient sound affects and an engaging background score.

What about the multiplayer mode?

With the improved version of the game, the developers insisted on giving the players a connected experience. As such, SimCity has been designed in a way to influence each other’s decision making processes. As mentioned earlier, you need to work with other players to collaborate on joint investment projects and focus on the goal to build thriving cities all around.

Having said that, to enjoy the game’s multiplayer mode to full extent, you need a stable internet connection. If that’s not available, you can obviously make a region ‘private’ and act as the only leader of the city in single-player mode.

SimCity has aimed to focus on smaller cities, which specialize in different industries and open to the idea of collaboration. At the same time, the game tries to initiate organic connections and discussions among the Mayors and citizens. While the game continues receiving updates, it offers an excellent way to start your journey in strategy-focused Windows gaming.

An excellent strategy game with plenty of features

SimCity is an impressive Windows game, available in single-player as well as multiplayer mode. 

While you might experience some teething issues with servers, it’s not a major deterrent for people interested in the single-player mode. If you’re looking to have a fun time building cities and learning about how to govern a population, this will be a good start to feed your world of fantasies.


  • Gives attention to detail
  • Offers dynamic gameplay
  • Comes with excellent graphics


  • Feels repetitive in single-player mode

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

SimCity for PC

  • Paid

  • In English
  • 3.5


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